Hi there and welcome to my blog!!! On my facebook page people seem to really like a special I do every once in awhile called “Elianaisms” -the strange, hilarious and wild things my little daughter says. Anyone who knows my little girl Eliana (now age 8) knows that you NEVER know what thoughts/phrases are about to come out of that girls mouth.  Sometimes I just think, wow, what are we feeding her?? But I am also decided to catalogue a few of my favorites, to tell at her wedding someday. These first ones are from when she was four. Enjoy- I hope they enhance your life.


1. Mommy? Why do you make Daddy have to help with housework? Daddy says it is so mean, cause he works all day at his job, and his back hurts really really bad, cause at work they hang him off a ladder and stab him with nails all day long. Don’t you think that should get him out of house cleaning mommy???


2. Mommy- do you think someone might break into Disney World and kill all the Disney Princesses?? Me “No Honey, that could never happen, so don’t worry”  Eliana- Well, it could happen. And if it does, I am ready to step in as a Disney Princess.  And it could all work out ok, cause I bet I could fit in their dresses.


3. Oh mommy, I’m in Kindergarten.  I must always be SO FASHION. All the pretty girls have twinkle shoes.  And my twinkle shoes are shoes of friendship.


4. If Grammy will just let me sleep in her bed with her again, I PROMISE I won’t have nightmares and yell and kick her in the back all night long again.


5. Mommy? Why do you hate giraffes so much? You are such a giraffe hater. We do not have a sun roof in this car.  What if we saw a stranded giraffe and they needed a ride mommy? What then? You’d hurt his poor neck. Why mommy why??? Sheryl has a sun roof.  At least she doesn’t hate giraffes.


6. Mommy? Why don’t we have American Family Life Insurance? Dont’ you think the best gift you can give your family is peace of mind? Every family should think about how much insurance is right for them. Are you thinking about it mommy?? Oh and we also only have 9 minutes left to buy the touch and brush, and the gentle kitty scratcher! Hurry mommy- they take credit cards- only 19.95!!!


7. You know mommy, you worry too much about locking the doors every night.  If someone breaks in, you don’t have to hurt him.  Just gently remove his brain, and then he won’t want to steal anything anymore.


8. UGH!! But I WANT to wear my swimsuit to school (in Jan, 4 degrees out), it’s so fashion. MOM, you are ruining my life.


9. Why won’t you let me be on your dance team mommy?? I can do it I can! I’m not too little. FINE. I will make my OWN team. I will call it “MY GIRLS”. Me and MY GIRLS will dance and do all my moves.  We will rock it out. And you can’t be on it cause you are too old.