If the dog is gonna run off,  it will be today.  If the microwave is going to die- yup, it will be today.  Why us the car making that sound???   It’s Wednesday.

That misunderstanding- how did that happen?? Kids are so overly crabby! Just found a hole in my jacket. Oh yah. It’s Wednesday.

Tired and rushing, papers missing, rain drizzling, energy fizzling- must be Wednesday.

“Hump” day, take your lumps day, argue with spouse day, someone’s gotta grouse day- must be Wednesday

So many things I could do this evening- homework, calling, cooking cleaning.  Wishing wishing it were Friday.

But help me Lord to try to remember, the reason why I do what I do.  That I leave the sighing, bill paying, cleaning- because what I do to tonight has MUCH more MEANING 

 I’ll put behind the day I’m having, and push ahead for something lasting. I’m out of time for this distraction, too busy for arguing worrying or factions-   In God’s eyes today is a very important day.  Today is Wednesday.

Tonight Lord Jesus make me bolder

 as I put my arm around little shoulders

Let Your love take hold of them

like its taken such a hold of me

On that very last day of all days

Maybe I’ll finally understand

when only what was done for Christ remains

Things done for His kingdom will stand

And MUCH MUCH of what I have to lay at His feet, what delights His heart-

Will have happened



(To all Midweek children’s ministry leaders…..I love you!)  Pastor Trisha