Ever wonder what it is REALLY like on a kid’s mission trip to Africa? On Aug 11-24, 2011, nine young women set out from Dayton Ohio, after many long weeks of prep, to do kid’s missions in Swaziland Africa. Here are some of my journal entries from those life-changing weeks in Africa…..

8/13- wow- due to airport delays and technical difficulties, it took nearly 40 hours to get here.  Hoping to get a good night’s sleep tonight at HAWANE- will feel great just to be clean and sleeping HORIZONTALLY (not on a plane!) I know now that we picked the right team for this trip, because these girls are not complaining- they are ready to minister! The food and the hospitality here are wonderful. Johanesburg, South Africa is a beautiful city at night.  Since we missed our cconnecting flight, we got to drive into Swaziland in a bus. We got to see ostriches and monkeys running past the bus.  Swaziland is beautiful, with its mountains and lakes, even in its winter. Tomorrow is our team promo at Potter’s Wheel and Hawane CLC. Seems so surreal that we are really here. Very difficult not being able to communicate with Scott, the kids or family or friends. Want to be able to tell them how beautiful it is here.


8/14-Amazing! What a day….worship the hawane church this morning was amazing. Our promos at Potter’s Wheel and Hawane were well received. I feel better today- still getting over bronchitis.  They keep cooking for us, and the food tastes so amazing. One of my favorite memories of this trip will be taking the church bus through the mountains.  Breathtaking views.  Today we spent several hours training in the Hawane Teen Challenge Team on Children’s Ministries Basics- Puppetry, Dance etc.  they will be traveling with us to our various locations to do children’s ministry.  This is part of the plan to create a sustainable quality children’s ministry that will keep going after we are gone.  Not a “one show and we’re gone” thing. These young people are such quick learners! they are eager to learn.  We are having a blast hanging out with them. I love these people already.  What a life-changing week. I am listening to the rain pouring on the roof of the cabin.  Missing my husband Scott! Goodnight Lord.


8/15 Best day yet of the trip so far. Kid’s ministry here in Hawane went great, despite some challenges with the weather. Freezing temperatures (30 F) pouring rain, and one of our girls getting faint right before the service. Many of the community still came. Powerful service, anointed!


(more to come) 🙂