Here is the second installment of my diary notes from our kid’s ministry trip to Africa-

8/16/2011- traveled today from Hawane to Llavimisa.  THIS is the Africa we pictured in our heads when we were training to come here.  mud and straw huts, traditional homesteads with cornmeal grinders, no electricity, no hot water, no stores. sad leaving Hawane.  We miss the people there already! but the people here are amazing too.  I already like P. Sabela- he said tonight “Miracles are happening here at CLC Llavimisa.  Deliverance is happening here.  Transformation is happening here.  I have a large church- 60 percent of it is children.  And I finally realized, that IS my church.  The children are not my church of tomorrow, they are my church right now. God has richly blessed me! And I have 3 small girls of my own.  I am richly blessed! Oh how I wish you could see my church on Sunday morning, so filled with people, so filled with joy! You start very small, and so soon, God gives you more and more and more.”   WOW. Tonight I cannot sleep- very uneasy. Been sitting up praying; lots of spiritual warfare.  Praying against any interference- that the message would get through with power.  We are so excited to minister.  So many children here!!! They jumped up to greet the bus, so very excited.  In all my life I have never had such a reception! Beautiful children; so joyful.  But it is winter here.  And they are in RAGS.  Their clothes are shredded. They were shivering while standing there greeting us. The mom in me just wants to get them all jackets!!! It’s a helpless feeling. Saw an impala today.  I bought some Swazi soap and candles at a roadside shop. Great group of girls I am traveling with…..we are staying in the pastor’s home- and it is so new, he hasn’t even gotten to live here yet!