Aug 17th, 2011 “My dear sweet little girl Eliana, I miss you so much it hurts. Happy Happy Birthday my dear! I hope you are well- still no phone or internet signal here. I desperately hope that someday I can tell you all that we did while here in Africa.  I hope you someday will have a heart for ministry and lost people. Today we did so much. We walked about 2 mi on a red dirt road with goats, cows, donkeys and chickens to a breathtaking rope bridge over a river.  It was SCARY- pieces missing, shaky…..I crossed it twice! woo hoo! A few of our group chickened out (the smart ones) and crossed the brown river on foot below instead. Some of us got great pics at the rock outcropping on the other side. Gorgeous landscape, mountains, Aloe trees, cacti, banana trees…..everywhere we go children follow. More and more and more. When we rehearsed this afternoon, almost 200 children showed up to watch! We ended up just deciding to do the program.  Who cares if they see it over and over and over. Kids love repetition.  We couldn’t fit everyone in the church building, so we went to the NEW church building, which isn’t even done yet! We are the first team to minister in the new church building at CLC Lavimisa!  The children LOVE the puppets- they were screaming so loudly with delight, we had to repeat the puppet song, cause they missed it the first time. They are such sweet, happy children. Hope visits were so tough- hungry, sick faces all day- people in pain, yet so hospitable. I hope I never forget those faces, praying for families sitting on the dirt on a goatskin. The dogs here are all just skin and bone. terrible. Hope I sleep better tonight.  A couple of our team just saw donkey going by, so they went out to ride them! They are currently riding the donkeys up and down the road. Wow. just don’t see this in Dayton.  We are really enjoying our candlelight dinners every night.  Pastor Sabela is telling us the amazing stories about the birth of the church here, under a tree. Many miracles happening here!  What will tomorrow bring????


8/18/2011- More home visits today- hiked up the mountain to get to some! Almost no special needs children here- I asked why.  They told it is because special needs children do not survive here without medical care, and they are seen as a curse, and many times, are left out in the barren areas to die. The one home that has stood out to me most, is that of an older woman who is trying to raise 15 orphaned children.  Her arthritis is so bad she can barely move at all.  everywhere we go children follow and throng us.  New building was full today for our sCARS ministry.  Spiritual warfare was thick in there when Erica gave her testimony- wow. God did amazing THINGS- great altar time! Many children and adults were crying, raising their hands to receive Christ. …….. this is the picture that will stay in my head as long as I live.Learning so much from these great leaders here in Llavimisa.