Each day here has been AMAZING. Today we hiked 2 mi down an old dirt road with rocks and red dirt to do sCARS at Luke Commission. Luke Commission is the only doctor these people see, and they can only come once a year.  Imagine, only getting to see a doctor once a year? Praise God for the ministry of Luke’s Commission! I am told that many many of these people here today will find out they are positive for HIV- including many of the children.  We are passing women with baskets on their heads, and children all carrying chickens! We have an evil chicken that crows outside our door all night long from 1-6 am.  (I think Marci is thinking of killing it lol- and we wouldn’t stop her or tell on her.  in fact, I would help her eat it.  Pastor Sabello calls it the ‘crazy evil chicken of Llavimisa’) Luke’s Commission is set up here at a primary school. The outside is very beat up, and many of the windows are broken out.  We will pray with the people waiting in the lines to be seen, before and after our sCARS program.  More later…..


The ministry at Luke Commission went well today.   There were so few men there today.  Prayed with many many abandoned women and children.  One that broke my heart the most: a 12 year old, shy little girl, who waited in line patiently for a while, to get to talk and pray with me. In their culture, they are not supposed to cry, and you are not supposed to cry (it means you pity them).  She said, “Dad left us.  Said he didn’t want us any more.  He is living in South Africa now and said he is not coming back. But now that Mom is dead, will you pray with me that Dad will change his mind and come back for us? I’m sure he knows by now that we have no where to go. Pray our Dad will come back for us.”  I was praying for her hugging her frail little shoulders, in her dusty school uniform and beat up patent leather shoes, and then we both were crying and couldn’t stop. Finally, she got into line to go see the doctor.  My prayer IS that God will get ahold of the hearts of Swazi men- turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children! These children need their dads! But for now, their Heavenly Father is the only One they have.


Had a great time of team sharing/prayer last night.  One of our team, who shall remain nameless, has locked herself in the bathroom 4 times now!!! (the handle is loose and you need to use a spoon to get out).  Although, it was a bit disconcerting the first time one of the Swazi girls came to me and said, “She is stuck in the toilet- give me a spoon.” I didn’t know quite what to make of that. There’s an epic quote.


The stars tonight are beyond amazing. I’ve never seen stars like these.  And all the usual constellations are upside down here on the other side of the world! breathtaking. Help me Lord to make every moment count while I am here.