Great church services today at Potter’s Wheel and Hawane CLC! Tonight is the sCARS performance at PW.  Our last one here.  The Hawane team has been such a blessing to us- they have been a part of every one of these we have done. Sad that it is almost over here.  But so eager to see  my family. We are going over to Gina and Mundi’s for lunch-yay! They have been such a blessing to us! Had a great time last night just sharing stories and testimonies, pics and videos as a team. I am very relaxed here- I so wish to take this feeling of being wrapped in God’s peace back with me…..perhaps more worship in my life is the key. It is a beautiful sunny day today.  Some horses just run wild here.  I got to pet a horse today; his name is Paint and he is VERY sweet.


Can this possibly be my last day in Africa??? Last night was possibly one of the best ministry nights of my life! The ministry at sCARS PW was so powerful… GREAT prayer, marriages being restored, people coming to Christ.  We are driving up through the mountains around Hawane right now visiting homesteads.  The views up here are spectacular- rocky crags, lakes, mountains….we are overlooking Hawane CLC and Teen Challenge.  One man we visited today has end stage Aids- the witchdoctor kept him from taking his anti virals and now he is fading fast.  His foot is swollen way out with cancer. I read Scripture for him, and we prayed with him and left rice packs for his wife and children.  Nervous for the state hospital visit today.


8/23/2011- Waiting right now at Manzini Airport for our flight to Joburg.  I am holding these tickets tightly in my hands, knowing they are tickets HOME, to my family who I miss so much. State hospital was HARD.  I prayed with such beautiful beautiful children.  Six of the seven in one of the wards were children with severe water burns (common in winter in Swazi, since they heat their huts with boiling water).  We sang with them Swazi songs about Jesus and prayed with them. In the women’s ward the nurse approached us, and I thought, “oops, they’re going to kick us out for being too loud or evangelistic” but to my shock, she asked if we would like to preach awhile. Wow.  There were verses all over the walls and signs saying “Turn to Jesus when all else has failed.”  Our translator began preaching and did an altar call; we prayed with women for quite awhile.  Many were laying in their own vomit. Many responded to the altar call asking for prayer.  The hardest area was a room where they put mentally disabled children who no one wanted.  Our translator told us they were left in that room to wait to die. Some of the children there were left in too tiny cribs or crawling along the concrete floor in their filth. A few of our girls could not take that and were shook up for days afterwards.  Adoption is illegal out of Swaziland….quite the picture to take back with me in my mind as we board this plane.  I will never look at a “supercenter” the same way again. Well, time to board.  Many many hours to home. I hope I stay different after this.