Recently my kids were rewatching “A Snoodle’s Tale” (one of the oldest original VeggieTale’s videos), and I was surprised to find myself drawn away from working on my weekend message, watching the screen with tears running down my face. This is certainly the mark of a master storyteller- presenting stories that touch children and adults alike for years to come, effecting CHANGE.

I recently agreed to take a look at the “What’s in the Bible” series from Phil Vischer and write about it.  Through the years I have used MANY curriculums, some I and my leaders have loved, and others- not so much. And as I said in my recent book, “Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch”, curricula come and curricula go; God’s Word does not.  Your curriculum cannot replace Scripture. But curriculum is DEFINITELY a long term investment, and one to enter into thoughtfully.  What is the right curriculum, right fit for YOUR church, YOUR culture and YOUR group of kids? Good question.  So, if you and your kid’s ministry are considering a change, there are a lot of options out there. Here’s a look at “What’s in the Bible?”

My Favorite Things About “What’s in the Bible?”

1. It is completely based on and uses SCRIPTURE. EVERY week. “God’s word doesn’t come back void” and I want our kids getting as much Bible teaching as possible.

2. It is comprehensive Bible teaching.  I really love this concept- a linear teaching all the way through the Bible, not just focusing on a couple of well known stories.  Yes, children do well with repetition, but how much of the Bible is not being taught to our kids because we are repeating 3 stories over and over. This is a great way to introduce kids to diving in the BIBLE for themselves.  Sometimes we are so scared of the difficult or scary passages of Scripture that we decide kids cannot handle reading the Bible for themselves. “Not til they are 18” we think….and then it is far too late.

3. It is done with excellence.  As with ANYTHING I have seen Phil Vischer put his name to, this series is done with a lot of research, talent, creativity and innovation. I loved the puppets, the music and especially the storytelling. The videos are a lot of fun, bright colored silliness.  And it is on par with the quality I see in what my kids watch on their (parent approved) YouTube channels.

4. It partners with parents.  The take homes and “shepherding” tips are sharp. Great idea adding a parent connect point into EVERY lesson, EVERY week.

5. It is fully online.  This means that all of your leaders can access the entire lesson online, download it and even print it at home (saving YOU money).  One children’s pastor I know LOVES this- she just emails out the link each week to all of her leaders and they come prepared.  This is the era of children’s ministry we live in- and it saves you so much time and money. And being fully online leads us to:

6. You and your ministry team can lead kid’s church from the curriculum directly from your Ipad. SCORE!

7. It is fully customizable. You can move, change, rearrange the service to fit YOUR service and YOUR group of kids.  This is one of my favorite features. This gives you the freedom to be creative, partner with the curriculum and take your service to the next level.

My final thoughts: This is one of the best kid’s church/Sunday School curricula out there right now. I recommended it to a church that bought it a year ago- and they love it.  I highly recommend that you get a free sample today, check it out and see if it may be a fit for your church and your kid’s ministry.  And here is the special they are running right now:

When you place your order, include the discount code (KIDMIN14) for 40% off the What’s in the Bible? Church Edition!

Reader’s Curriculum Sample:
Special Landing Page with Discounts for Readers:
I really hope my thoughts on the curriculum are helpful to you.  And I hope to start some dialoguing in churches and their teams about effective curriculum for kids and what that means.  Enjoy every moment of working with His kids! Love Trisha