Evan refused to budge. “I was here first! I’m not moving,” he stated firmly.

“But I always sit here! It’s my chair! Move!” shouted Kyle, fighting back tears. He began sniffling and then shook the back of his desired chair angrily. “Give my chair back!”

“Find somewhere else Kyle” said Evan. “I’m not moving”.

I walked in on this scene in a classroom and tried to intervene. “Boys, let’s not fight. It’s just a seat.  And there are lots of chairs up here at the front table. Let’s be kind. Here Kyle, come sit in this chair.”

“No!” shouted Kyle, full on sobs coming now, “It’s MINE.  He KNOWS it’s my chair. I want it BACK!” He began shaking the back of Evan’s chair harder.

“Kyle, your teacher says you guys have missed 5 minutes of class time arguing over a chair. That’s sad. Don’t you know we are having treats later? And making a really neat craft? You are missing out fighting over this.  It’s just a chair!”

“But you just don’t understand,” Kyle sobbed. “I CAN’T move on. My class is ruined, because I lost my chair.”

How sad huh? I’ll admit, I shook my head thinking, “Why is this kid missing out on all the fun in his class- the whole POINT of the class- to fixate on something as pointless as where you sit?” But it did get me thinking, before we judge poor Kyle too harshly, that perhaps we do the same thing far too often.

How often do we fight over positions, titles and “authority” when we are supposed to be getting things done? What is the “POINT” each day? When we come to the table of all that life has for us, what God has for us, are we missing out on the best part, the BIG DEAL because we can’t move on? So what is your “chair”? That thing you fixate on, that you know is not the main point, that keeps your attention and energy all tied up? If God were offering you an amazing new chapter in your ministry, the “big deal” that your whole life has been working towards, would you have to say, “But God You just don’t understand.  I can’t move on. My dreams are ruined, because I lost my ____________ (position, title, minisitry, team)”.  God doesn’t allow anything in our lives that He cannot redeem. But we can certainly lose out on the best parts of what He has planned when we come to the table “fixated” on the wrong things. And I imagine God says to us, “It’s just a _______. Seriously. Let it go. Let’s get going on why we are here.” What is a fixation? It’s what we set out gaze on, put our time and energy into.  What is getting the most of your time, thoughts, attention, dreaming and energy? It is God’s amazing plans for you (yes, they are still there and still awesome!)??? or are we just stuck still on our “chair”. (Saying this to myself as well, wondering if there is anyone else out there feeling this way.)

So are we coming to the table today excited for all He has planned, ready to be fully involved? It’s just a chair. Let it go. Untitled34