Thank you to my guest blogger this week Assemblies of God sectional presbyter, Rev. Scott Osenbaugh. I really appreciated this, and I hope it encourages you too.

“One of my favorite passages from the NT is Ephesians 2:10. Every one of us, when saved, found out that God had a purpose for each of us to fulfill, a purpose established from before time began. It is knowledge like this that lets us know that no matter what shape the ministry to which we are called might have, it is part of the purposes of God. When those times come when the feelings of aimlessness or hopelessness swirl around in your head, remind the accuser of the brethren, the one who more than likely is trying to get you to feel either aimless or hopeless, that your life is reserved to a purpose from God, and in that, you are neither aimless nor hopeless, but are part of the great divine design for affecting the human race with the Gospel.

You, fellow minister, are important to God, and your life has a purpose. Seek the Lord of the harvest for His thoughts on your purpose, and find how much more powerfully becomes the ministry you do.”

What you do in ministry matters. Thank you for doing all you do! God bless! Trisha