Merry Christmas! We hope God grants you peace and time with family this Christmas.  We are so appreciative for all of our family and friends- thank you for being in our lives! Here are some of the highlights of this momentous year for us:

 Scott: My beloved Scott (we’ve been married 15 years now!!) has just celebrated a year as I.T. Coordinator for the Southern Illinoisan newspaper. His duties have really expanded this year, and he enjoys the variety and new things he gets to tackle weekly.  Just a month ago, Scott asked for, and RECEIVED a nice raise.  I am so proud of you Scott! He also started an exercise plan in July, that he has been VERY faithful to ever since.

Trisha- This was an epic year for me, finally realizing a life long dream of writing and publishing a book “Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch”, now on Amazon and Kidology.  I have been overwhelmed by the good reviews the book is receiving.  I hope you will check the book out at  Right now, the book has been picked up as a textbook at North Central in Mpls, (my alma mater) and Valley Forge in PA. This is an amazing new journey for me, beyond what I could have imagined. This next year, I will be speaking at CPC West (Chattanouga) CPC East (Los Angeles), and other camps and workshops. I also just applied to begin my Master’s program at Bethel seminary- deep breath….  This is definitely a new chapter in my life and I am excited to see what God has in store.

Logan- Logan is now 11 years old (how is that possible??).  I am overjoyed at his passionate love for Jesus.  He reads his Bible every single night, and has a lot of faith when he prays. Logan loves drawing comic books, playing with his dog Ursani, playing Minecraft, playing any and all board games (our family plays board games almost every night). Logan is now in middle school, and has about all A’s. I was proud to see him participate in See You At the Pole this year! He is so compassionate, creative, funny and still full of energy.

Eliana- this creative fireball has straight A’s in third grade, and loves picking cool and creative outfits each day.  She draws, makes crafts, and has a beautiful singing voice, and snuggling with her cat Midnight. Her plan is to grow up to have a farm with 37 cats.  Eliana is quite the reader now, reading large novels almost nightly.  Her favorites right now are “Watership Down” and “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Both kids are great travelers, often traveling to different states with me when I am speaking.

Ariel- This bright amazing young lady moved in with our family this August. Ariel was a very little girl when I was children’s pastor in Sheboygan WI.  She is now 19 years old, and has already completed her firefighter 1 certification, EMT and hazmat. She is such a delight to have with us. She also loves traveling and playing nightly games with us! This girl is a blessing in every way.

Ursani- Our beloved dog Ginger (age 15) passed away this year.  It has been unspeakably hard on all of us to get through.  We recently adopted a shelter rescue dog names “Ursani”- a North Carolina Plott Hound.  She looks a lot like Tigger – We love her already.

Danny and Midnight- my furry rescue cats. I love my Danny boy and Midnight, and much of my book, and the sequel I’m working on, were written with one of them in my lap.

We moved into a bigger house this fall, closer to Scott’s work, and we like it a lot.  We are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with BOTH sides of our families in central Wisconsin in just a few days 🙂

Love you all so much.  God bless you this Christmas and all through this new year.

Love Trisha, Scott, Logan, Eliana, Ariel, and (Ursani, Danny and Midnight)