How about a few MORE reasons to experience CPC this year.

5. The workshops- Every year, I find so many workshops that I cannot WAIT to attend. In fact, usually there are usually two or three I want to visit every time block, SO my teams would split up and each attend a different workshop. Then at lunch or dinner we would compare notes and share what we learned.  Coming by yourself? You may find yourself wanting to order copies of certain classes so you don’t have to miss a thing! And NEW this year: you get to pick a “track” of classes to attend: for example, “recruitment” “family ministry” and several more. And if you choose a track, remember you are not locked into that track.  If you see a workshop you really can’t wait to be a part of- go ahead and go! The track gives you great ideas of workshops to benefit your biggest needs.  I think it’s a great new idea that will work well.

4. The activities! – Anyone who has been to CPC before knows that it’s not all “heavy” learning.  There is a lot of fun! Games, demonstrations, giveaways- late night stuff! It is part of the whole experience- touring the area around the convention halls, local attractions (if you like), great food, swimming and more. There is always a lot of laughing and fun to be had even when the classes are NOT in session.

3. Those amazing God moments in the hallway….  I cannot say enough about this one.  As I said, I go to a lot of conferences all over the country (USA), but this is the first one I’ve been to, where you may see children’s leaders praying together in the hallways, workshop leaders praying over people in classrooms after sessions and people having such deep God-conversations over lunches.  I feel I should share this…..last year at CPC East, a workshop leader I had never met stopped to pray with me after a session, and I ended up writing down every word.  It ministered to me more than I can say.  I had similar encounters in the hallway and in the seats of the main session hall AFTER the service had ended.  These God ordained moments inspired me to go home and finish my book “Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch”- an all inclusive guide, to help children’s leaders launch or rebuild a dynamic kid’s ministry from the ground up.  I referred back to my notes from CPC conference many times during the long editing and publishing process, and it gave me the encouragement to keep going.  Since going live on Amazon in September, the book has already sold over 400 copies and has become a mandatory textbook at 2 separate universities.  What ministry could God be growing within you right now? Go with an open mind and a ready heart.  And look for God to speak to YOU, in AND out of the services.

2. “Go with a plan” Coaching INCLUDED- This is one more feature that I have found exclusively at CPC conferences.  Ever wish you could just sit down with your ministry heroes and, you know, “pick their brain for awhile?” Well, starting just last year, attendees were able to sign up for a personalized session with a long term expert/veteran in kid’s and family ministry.  After you sign up for your session, you pick your ONE biggest issue in your ministry that you would like insight, coaching on and bring that question with you to your time slot. Then at NO extra charge to the attendee, the veteran children’s ministries leader helps YOU come up with a strategy- a plan to get started on that issue.  So by the time you go home, you literally “Go With a Plan”, something tangible for YOUR ministry situation.  I think this is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in years. I appreciate the fact that CPC puts its emphasis on helping YOU, in your ministry. If you get to CPC this year, and I really hope you do, make sure you, and each of your team, take advantage of this great opportunity.

1. Team bonding- Effective growing ministries do not grow and thrive from one man (or one woman) shows. The future of your children’s ministry depends on the strength of your TEAM. Want to bond and inspire your team for years to come? CPC is the place to do that. It is so difficult to come home from a conference and try to relay the information to people who weren’t there. There is power in experiencing those moments, the laughs, prayers and tears TOGETHER.  “You had to have been there”.  Your team may just come home solidified as one team, with a strong vision for ministry- and totally stoked to take things to the next level!

Convinced yet? Need more info? Visit TODAY and get all the details on registration, speakers and breakouts for CPC West and East.  I really hope to see you there! Come on over and we’ll chat. Trisha