As you may know, I was born and raised in Northern Wisconsin. I really do remember winters that hit -50 F, with snow drifts well up over my head. That was just life; and for all my family still in Wisconsin and Michigan- this still is their reality! When I was in college in Minneapolis, MN I decided to put together a top ten list of great reasons to live in the frozen North. I hope these brighten your day 🙂

10. You have very little chance of getting Melanoma (skin cancer) from living in the North. Or a bad sun burn. Or any sunburn. or a tan.  Or of seeing the sun.  You may age less quickly!

9. Growing up in the North is great training for being a survivor- tunneling through snow to find your car, chipping through ice to get into the car, thawing the gas with “heat” to be able to drive the car……:) The strong survive! In a post-apocalyptic world, you could live a very long time off of one elk or moose. And there is ALWAYS someone around with a LOT of alcohol on board and a gun ready to shoot something.

8. If you would like to call God, from Lambeau field He is always a local call.

7. You probably won’t die of heat stroke, or thirst. (Land of 10,000 Lakes!)

6.  Need to get in better shape? You get great exercise almost every day in the North, salting and shoveling and snowblowing your walk and driveway at 4:30 am, 6:30 am, 8 am and then again at 5 pm. And shivering burns a lot of calories. So does carrying around 20 pounds of extra clothes and gear.

5. If your fridge/freezer dies on you, you can just put all your food outside on the back porch until you can afford another one! (We had to do that once when I was a kid- but the milk did freeze solid).

4. Living in the North is good for building families.  There’s a reason why so many babies are born in Sept/October in Northern States.  Do the math. You have to stay warm somehow, and going out takes so much shoveling!

3. You probably will not die from snakebite, or alligator, crocodile, giant vampire bat, komodo dragon, piranha, killer bee or killer ant attack.

2. Bugs are a LOT smaller in the north, and you only have to put up with them for a short while.  Don’t like that spider? Wait two weeks.  He’ll freeze to death.  (Although there are so MANY mosquitos in the “summer” …..)

1. You WILL have a white (snowy) Christmas.  And New Year’s.  And probably also a white Valentine’s Day, a white Easter, a white Mother’s Day….a white Halloween and a white Thanksgiving……and possibly the greatest, most sacred northern holiday of all….a merry white opening day of hunting season!

To all my wonderful family and friends of the frozen North, my homeland- I love you! Midwest Represent! So what is your favorite part of living in the North?