My Review of the Kid’s Study Bible -ESV Action Bible!

By David C. Cook


     The day that my new Kid’s Study Bible-ESV Action Bible arrived at my house, I knew that I had the perfect test subjects for this Bible right in my own home-my son, age 11 and my daughter age 9.  I decided to observe them with the new Bible and see how they reacted. Both of my kids are already huge fans of the original Action Bible (the entire Bible in child-friendly graphic novel form). So when they saw the familiar artwork they excitedly tore into the box and then proceeded to fight over the Bible. Sigh. Fight over the Bible? Oh well. So after a few weeks of having the Study Bible/Action Bible in “action” in our home, here are a few of the best things I see about this Bible:

A. Children will be drawn to this Bible due to its colorful, graphic novel look. The artwork matches the title, as all of the scenes seem to be moving with drama, adventure and action.

B. Children who have read the Action Bible will be especially drawn to check this study Bible out.

C. As with everything David C. Cook does, the quality is high for the artwork and the study elements and the devotionals.

D. The devotionals are relevant to what our kids are living right now.

E. I especially like the fact, that this Bible appeals to both girls AND boys. Far too often we choose marketing that appeals more to the girls and we miss the boys in our ministry.

F. Superheroes and comic book characters have never been ‘hotter’ in our culture, movies, books and graphic novels. David C. Cook has capitalized on this trend.  And it works; kids love it.

G. Too often we portray Jesus and our heroes of the Bible as passive, weak characters. I like that the action Bible shows these stories to be authentic, courageous true life stories- showing our heroes in ACTION!

Drawbacks? Well, my kids were looking for another one entirely in graphic novel form. But this lead to a great teaching moment; we talked about the importance of knowing God’s ACTUAL words, not just the stories. We got to talk about how to dig in and read it and learn for it ourselves.

Overall- loved it. Great job! Your kids will love it too. Trisha 🙂