Well, It’s been almost 9 months since my first book, “Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch” became a reality, and went “live” for purchase. Many days it still feels surreal. Since that day,a lot has happened. My life has certainly changed, and I am so glad that God has been able to use the book as a tool for ministry. Here are a couple of the highlights:

1. The book has sold across the U.S. and Canada, as well as Uganda, Swaziland, Germany, Great Britain, Thailand and Poland. As God often does, He has done more than I could have asked or even have dreamed. To date, over 600 have sold in under a year, which I’m told is pretty good for a children’s ministry book from a schmuck like me! 🙂

2.I have made so many new friends along the way from all over the world! And I got to host a Uguandan missionary in my home this March which was amazing. I made hundreds of new connections these past months all through YCMFS.

I do still want to take this opportunity to thank, once again, all of the people who supported this project right from the very beginning, prayed and believed with me until faith became sight. I love you guys!!

3. The book has become a college textbook at several Bible colleges. Instead of 10-12 long books on various topics, the dream was to create one easy to read volume for training and equipping of children’s ministry leaders anywhere, taking them step by step through that crucial first year of ministry. And now, seeing God use my “little loaves and fish” to equip kid’s leaders in orphanages, kid’s missions, inner city churches, training of our up and coming children’s pastors and lay children’s leaders down the street is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream!

4. My own ministry has had to change with this new “chapter” unfolding day by day- I have been traveling more and more each month, teaching, speaking and doing trainings on the book. I LOVE what I get to do- go into churches and pour into leaders, doing workshops on volunteer recruitment, special needs kid’s ministry, safety in kid’s ministry, team building, conflict management and more. I am gearing up for a VERY busy summer of travel and speaking, but I love it! My second book, which is only now in the early editing stages is something I am very proud of- more info on that soon!

5. Last but not least, I wanted you to hear from those who have purchased, read and used the book. I especially would like those of you who prayed, gave and encouraged me a year ago to know how God used you to minister to kids, kids leaders and churches from all over.  Here is what these leaders had to say about Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch:

By Joel Tubman on September 15, 2014
“This book is full of great info for starting your children’s ministry from the ground up. Things you won’t learn at school. Please get this book even if you have an established kids ministry. I guarantee it will still have lots of great info for you as well. My wife who’s a children’s pastor like the author plans to use this as teaching material at conferences and coaching sessions.
By Kenneth Schneider on October 19, 2014
Format: Paperback

This book has a delightful humor that keeps the reader focused. Trish speaks from her heart with passion and reality experience. I started to read it before bed to relax and found myself so excited and inspired that sleep did not come easily. I have had the privilege of watching her in action where she was the Childrens’ pastor was able to go on outreaches etc. and watched her pour into the next generation. This book is the real deal.

By Pastor Steven Knight on September 28, 2014

Format: Paperback

Trisha is excited about ministering to children, and that passion pours over into her desire to equip leaders for children’s ministry. Children’s Ministry From Scratch is a great resource that is packed full of helpful advice and ministry ideas to help you build a successful children’s ministry.

By andy on October 13, 2014

Format: Paperback

Great read if you are just starting or a veteran. Tip for everything from budget to getting volunteers. If you or someone you know is in or wanting to get into children’s ministry add this book to their/your library!

By Children’s Pastor Jill A. Neace on October 14, 2014

Format: Paperback

This book is exactly what I needas a new Children’s Ministry Coordinator. This is going to be my go to for all aspects of our ministry. Thank on you so much Trish for this valuable resource!!

By new kid’s ministry volunteer on September 11, 2014

Format: Paperback

Reading this made me feel like I could actually minister to children. For people who don’t have a degree or years of training, this book helps you create an actual ministry to be proud of.

By Children’s Director Cristy on November 17, 2014

Format: Paperback

The book is right on the money. It has already inspired and challenged me. Think of it as GPS for childrens ministry. Love the ideas. Especially about youth, I have a lot of great youth workers that go above and beyond to help and and truly have a heart to serve. Don’t underestimate what your youth can do, after all they are tomorrow’s leaders. Easy read and to the point. Great book!
 March 23, 2015
Excellent read. Complete, very helpful. A must read for anyone working with children.
on March 23, 2015
Trisha has so much wealth of knowledge packed into this book that it could be easily used as a college course, in my personal opinion. When reading this, I am in the midst of a lot of the transitions and policies that she mentions in this book. Not only are you able to relate to this book, but Trisha offers practical insight of how to make it happen. For me, this is a for sure book that I will keep going back to for inspiration for time to come. I highly recommend it to ALL KidMin leaders! Fantastic Book!!
on February 1, 2015
This book is a must have for any kid’s ministry leader, no matter what level you are! From novice to veteran, everyone can gain incredible advice and help! Not only is Trisha one of the leading leader’s in children’s ministry today, she is also well grounded and easy to get ahold of to discuss ministry one on one! Loved the book so much, I’m taking copies to Thailand! Well done my friend! Can’t wait for your next book!
on January 30, 2015
If you are brand new to ministry, been in the ministry for years, or have had training from seminary then this book applies to you! The author has masterfully laid out from start to finish how to setup a Children’s Ministry from scratch! She asks all the questions that we struggle with as Ministers and then gives through explanations and examples of answers to those questions. The topics cover from volunteers to budgets and then she has sample forms in the back of the book so you don’t have to recreate the wheel! I’m telling you the book is amazing and a must read. Also if you have a friend in ministry this book is a great gift.
on January 6, 2015
This book has helped me so much. I’m very happy with the content. Great tips, creative ideas FROM SCRATCH to start it right! Ready to get everything into action! 🙂cover.jpg