Yup. We all have way to many books on our list to read, and not enough hours in the day. We have books we plan to read on leadership, on parenting, on recruitment- on recruiting parents to be leaders lol! But I am delighted to say that “Move” by Brannon Marshall, was a refreshing surprise for a few reasons.

1. It caught my attention immediately. If you’re like me, you have a lot of books, magazines and blogs to check out weekly. And that rush of info sends my ADHD into overdrive, until “research for ministry” can become a “task” on my dayplanner if I’m not careful. This book was compelling from the very first chapter, and I found it hard to put down (or close my laptop).

2. The author does a marvelous job of putting crucial information in a logical, easy to understand step by step format. If your kid’s ministry has been going for awhile, how do you know you are “winning” at the mission and vision? Are you wasting precious time, energy and resources? Are you chasing what matters? Your lead pastor should read this, and you should do it as a book study with your team.

3. I loved the emphasis on “back to basics”- Bible reading, Scripture memorization, prayer. This book will remind you why you got into kid’s ministry in the first place. There is great inspiration here for those who have been in ministry awhile.

From Chapter One, “Issues happen: events, staffing concerns, budget constraints, and plenty of other important tasks. It’s easy to let those concerns pull you away from what really brings you life. The gospel is the simple, unchanging message that keeps ministry fresh and reminds you of the reason you got into ministry in the first place. While task lists will always demand your attention, introducing the children in your ministry to Jesus is the reason God put you in ministry. But building a gospel-centered ministry doesn’t happen by accident…

I highly recommend you check out the Move book at the link below for more information. Those of you who have a “Dispatch” box coming are really going to love this book!

Believe it or not, the market is NOT flooded with books on kids/family ministry. The need has never been greater and our mission field is the largest on earth; so whenever I book like this come our way, i do a little happy dance- true story. I hope you enjoy the book too. Trisha