Ongoing children’s and family ministry training is absolutely necessary to keep our individual ministries growing, to become more effective as leaders, and to empower and encourage our volunteers. The challenges however, that many of us face in finding and engaging in quality training can include:

A. Cost- How do we choose the right training for our church’s budget? Especially since most of us are working with VERY limited (or no) budget?

B. Many Choices- with relatively so many kidmin conferences and coaching options out there right now, how do you choose the one that is right for your specific situation?

C. Distance- For a large majority of churches, including those in rural or remote areas, it can be difficult to find quality local kid’s and family ministry training. The distance to some of these conferences can become time and cost prohibitive.

D. Participation- If you have a training, how can you make it easier for your whole team, and the majority of your volunteer base, to attend?

I can tell you that is has been an issue that my team and I faced every year.  I can also say that the conference that works for one team, may or may not be ideal for your team and your situation. There are some great blogs out there listing all of the available options. But what I wanted to share with you, was the 2 that I am presenting at coming up, and why I feel that both are great options for you and your team.

First- Did you know that there is a FREE webinar, Cmwebsummit, featuring some of the very best speakers in kidmin today, speaking on various crucial topics that you and your team can be a part of THIS October? Why do I love it? This conference is NOT cost prohibitive, there is no distance factor since you can watch live and participate right at your own local church, and this of course helps to increase the participation from your own volunteer base! This cutting edge option is catching on. Last year during its first ever debut, thousands of people just like you “attended” and loved it. Want to know more? Please go to today to get all the information, meet the speakers, browse the topics- and sign up!

Secondly,if you are still looking for a conference to go to offsite, I will be presenting at this years CPC Conference in Chattanouga, TN.  My workshop will be all about handling “bullying” as a children’s ministry leader- “When a child tells you they are being bullied.” The best speakers in children’s ministry will be there, with amazing large group sessions and phenominal breakouts. Also, the resource center at CPC allows you to get all the tools you need to take your kid’s ministry to the next level. To find out more about this year’s CPC conference, check out- today! Ask me any questions you have; I’d be happy to help.

I hope this helps, and I truly hope to connect with you there! God bless, Trisha10945703_10153585387398345_5873900882044505498_n