Feeling down because you had to miss Cmconnect 2016? Never fear! I’m here with a few of the highlights- just for you. In this delightful kidmin, fammin conference in Coryden, IN, here are a few of my favorite things…

1. Brad Tate. He’s just hilarious, an awesome host and this year, a keynote speaker! I also loved his stupid human tricks contest.

2. Enormous bean bags in the main sessions for bloggers!!! Oh yeah!!! Awesomeness!!

3. Coffee shop in the main session room, run by children! Those kids make a great espresso.

4. The worship group included their very young daughter Gabby, and not just for “cute factor”. That girl and sing, and she ministered! I love seeing kids in ministry, esp to adults.

5. Very relational conference, up close and personal. You can go right up to big name speakers and share ideas. Everyone is invited to the after party, which is only announced each evening right before it happens. Everyone is a family together. The dress is casual and the feel is laid back.

6. Michael Chanley’s Mom and her prison cookies. His mom works in the jail across the street, so she baked a bunch of cookies and brought them to us from the prison. Delicious!

How about you? What is your very favorite part of the conferences you attend?

Love Trisha