“Any Christian with half a conscience cannot vote in this election!” he said angrily. “Both candidates are horrible, and a vote for them is a vote applauding their evil.”

I sat listening to my brother in Christ vent his frustration about the upcoming U.S. Election. And to be fair, he has some good points. He is also not alone in his feelings; I have seen several Christians now on social media offering reasons why they do not plan to vote this November. I myself have to admit, that before this fall, I have completely avoided the news, because it can be so depressing- I just count on my poor husband to fill me in on what I need to know about. But this fall is different. I’m watching the news VERY closely. And while I love you no matter what you decide to do, I have been praying and thinking a lot about this election, and I would like to offer up some food for thought.

Reason #1 not to vote: Neither candidate has impressed me or seems worthy of my vote. Both are evil.

My Pushback: History has shown us that many of our American leaders, even presidents, have been less than paragons of morality. There have been so many scandals that I’ve lost count. I fear that if we wait for a candidate that talks, walks and acts how we would like, dresses how we like, and has an unspotted past, we will never be voting again. This is the same thinking I have seen in some Christians about going to church: “I just can’t find a church that isn’t full of hypocrites. Every pastor lets  my down. I’m not getting “fed” by any church.” These are usually people who do not go ANYWHERE to church because they are still waiting on that “right” one. The fact is that we live in a broken world. And the more you find out about that candidate, the worse they are going to look. Like it or not, someone is going to be leading our nation for the next four years. Only God can change a candidate’s heart- I pray for them every day- so I am voting the best I can bearing in mind the issues that mean the most to me as a Christian. (A bit more on what those are in a minute).

Reason #2 to stay home and not vote: The Bible doesn’t say anything about voting. Jesus and Paul never voted. We should just stay with separation of church and state. If I do vote, I need to check my Christianity at the door of the booth and vote what might benefit me economically.

My Pushback: The Bible doesn’t address voting that I know of, because voting did not exist, at least not for Palestinian Jews. The Bible also doesn’t address TV, high heels or Miley Cyrus. So we Christians make our decisions on modern moral dilemmas based on the principles that God’s Word DOES show us. And I would bring up the fact that Jesus directly confronted the screwy politics that had infiltrated the church, the governing religious leaders and He even spoke the harsh truth to the appointed political authorities of the day: Pilate, Herod, the Pharisees etc. Jesus did not excuse political corruption; He addressed it head on. And if all Christians had followed this line of thinking, slavery would still be legal in this country. Christians wishing and hoping slavery would go away did not do a whole lot of good; brave people had to speak up, and inevitably fight it out in the political arena. You can follow Jesus AND fight for justice. My ancestors were all Quakers who fought slavery- in politics. I’m so thankful for people like Martin Luther king Jr. Who followed Jesus AND fought for justice in the political arena. If Christians are going hands off, then we are hoping that someone else will speak up. In our system, everyone has a say (theoretically). We shouldn’t abdicate ours..

Reason #3- Jesus is just coming back soon anyway so it doesn’t matter who gets elected. And the Bible says the world will continue getting worse and worse until Jesus comes back, so there’s no point in trying.

My Pushback– They say almost one third of Generation X (my generation) is not here today due to abortion. I think that Christian generation was too busy being uninvolved, astetic, non political..too HOLY to be involved in earthly things..sitting on a roof believing Jesus would be back next week. I believe that generation of Christians are partially responsible for that holocaust. God never said every thing that happens was what he wanted. God didn’t bring abortion. He isn’t bringing this current violence and racial hate. We’re supposed to be salt and light in a very dark world. We still have a choice. I want to know that I spoke up. That I at least tried to speak for those who couldn’t. And sure, I know things will be horrible in our world when Jesus comes back. But we do not know the day or hour. We are supposed to stay busy serving for Him until He returns. We don’t have time to waste sitting on a rooftop.

Reason #4- It’s just one more pointless election that won’t change anything. It is the same old same old and doesn’t affect me or my family. Besides, the president doesn’t have the power to legislate anyway.

My Pushback-  As you may have heard by now, the candidates for President have been very clear about who they plan to put into the Supreme Court. It is true that the President cannot pass a law, however he/she will either sign it into law or veto it. And the President picks the members of the Supreme Court. Every tough, critical case is decided VERY definitively by these justices. One candidate has promised to put very liberal, progressive justices in, and the other plans to put conservative in the Supreme Court. This issue alone is enough to make me vote. Did you know that right now there are a LOT of lawsuits and issues that are on hold, pending the election? Because the outcome for the Supreme Court and the laws of our land, the direction of our nation literally hang on what happens Nov 8. (We know God is sovereign- and sometimes He allows us to wallow in the aftermath of our laziness or terrible judgment…aka 40 more years around Mt. Sinai?) Some of the lawsuits that are on hold, are against churches/pastors/denomination who have refused to marry homosexuals, or who refused church membership to same sex couples. Other lawsuits are against Christian schools and universities for housing discrimination for gay couples. Of course, we know Hobby Lobby won for now, in not being forced to pay for abortions for their employees, but there are many lawsuits coming down the queue, to penalize/force Christian businesses to pay for employees abortions. And the hotly debated transgender bathrooms in public schools- that will also be finalized/decided by this next Supreme Court. The rulings will be polar opposites depending on who is elected to the Presidency.

Please know, no matter who you vote for, or don’t vote for, I love you bunches. Can we stop all the hatred, name calling, posturing etc.? I saw several posts today that said, “If you don’t vote for ____________, you are not saved.” I must have missed that verse. But we DO need to educate ourselves, and keep learning this balance of being IN the world, but not OF this world. Let’s shine wherever we can in this dark world. And please keep praying about this coming election and for our nation and our world. Next week, I’ll be listing the key issues that have me eager to vote this November. What about you? Do you believe a Christian should vote, even if they do not like either candidate? Are we Christians treating each other in a loving manner this election? Love Trishacartoon_bad_choices_r644x415