A lot of ministers and key volunteers are frustrated. We get tired, burned out, occasionally chewed out, under-valued and under resourced. It is in those tough moments, that I cherish those softly spoken words of encouragement from God. Sometimes it is something I read in Scripture. Sometimes that word of refreshing comes through a friend or family member or in a sermon. Sometimes I hear that still small voice speaking to my heart when I’m out in nature. But each time, God’s encouragement gives me the courage to keep going with renewed purpose and strength.

Last weekend I had the incredible privilege of attending a Joyce Meyer conference in St. Louis, Missouri featuring special guests Christine Caine, Beth Moore, and Pastor John Gray. I noticed that my live tweets from the conference were shared a lot. I’ll admit I was deeply moved and encouraged at the conference. So I want to share that encouragement with all of you! If you are in the middle of a struggle right now, I am praying for you today. So here are a few of the very best quotes from the conference. I hope they encourage you this week. Feel free to share with someone who may need a “God hug” today. 

We receive from God through faith. We receive from the enemy through fear. Where faith and God meet, is our breakthrough. Feelings<faith

But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord,because you are called an outcast for whom no one cares.Jer 30:17

Your life’s journey doesn’t need to be ruined because someone hurt you. -Joyce Meyer

Everyone has pain in their life, you choose if it ruins the rest of your life. Joyce Meyer

God could’ve just floated Jesus on down. But he chose a woman. Do you appreciate the things God has sown in YOU? Jgray

Speak it out over your children- they are legacy makers, bondage breakers, overcomers, conquerors, family curse enders, in Jesus Name. JGray

You didn’t sneak into this world, you were God breathed. You didn’t call you. Get out of the HOLY Spirit’s way as He progresses your calling

Your tears weren’t wasted-they’ve watered the seed of an awesome harvest. You are God’s solution sent to confront a demonic problem.

The greatest gift you can give your child is a whole, healed, well YOU who truly knows the unconditional healing love of Christ, Chr. Caine

There is no benefit from living in guilt, regret. For God’s HOLY Spirit to use you, you must first forgive-especially yourself. Joyce Meyer

It’s a process. But through Jesus, I’m so far from where I’ve been- Beth Moore

If your soul is wounded, the first place that brokenness shows up is in relationships.

Bible> feelings.Know that Jesus is in you, think that, say that, until His power and authority rises and manifests through you. -Joyce Meyer

Any friendship that will not allow change is unhealthy. Codependent friendships need to be cut off.

Are your relationships affecting you or infecting you?

You may have to stop waiting, face the pain, and break off the relationships that are dragging you down. -Christine Caine

Christians get educated on the history of our nation, politics.Don’t think sinners confront corruption, that’s the job of the righteous, jm

Stop parking at the point of your pain. Time to move on- Joyce Meyer

God bless your week- so much love and prayers- Trishajoycemeyer