Each November, our family does something a little different for the whole month before Thanksgiving.

 I don’t know about you, but this year was a roller coaster at times of highs and bitter lows. Many people are expressing worry or trepidation about 2017. And it can become easy, to focus on the negative, or to take all the good in our lives for granted- to not realize the beauty in our lives until it’s gone.  Our American culture at times pushes us to be entitled, without even realizing it. We’ve all met children (and adults!) who are completely ungrateful and clueless as to what they already have.

So this November, I announced to our family, that we were going to cover a wall in our living room with butcher paper, and every single day before bed, we would write at least one thing we are thankful for. No repeats! So every day the four of us wrote at least one thing we were grateful for.  I got a box of brightly colored markers and we set up the large wall of paper.  At first I got a few lame excuses, “Oh mom, I don’t know what to write…..this is so different.”  But after the first night, everyone has been having fun with it. And the best part? We all have to walk past that wall so many times a day, and just seeing it, reminds us all how amazing God is. And I love seeing my kids stop to read everything on the wall before we thank God at the end of the night. That visible reminder of God’s goodness changes your view of everything else that day…..God tells us in His Word to be thankful, and grateful, no matter the circumstances. We are to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” in our homes, and we as parents lead the way. What has God done for you and your family this year? This is the perfect week to stop, remember and say, “Thank You Lord”.