Merry Christmas! We hope God grants you peace and joy in His Presence this Christmas.  We are so appreciative for all of our family and friends- thank you for being in our lives! Here were some of our family’s stand out moments in 2016:

Scott: My beloved husband of 17 years, Scott, has just celebrated his third year at the Southern Illinoisan newspaper. He is enjoying his promotion to Creative Services Director/I.T. Manager. His coworkers love him- in fact on “costume day”, two of his coworkers dressed up as “Friday Scott” in funny Batman T Shirts. This week, Scott has been helping Logan with a science fair project. They are programming a computer to do higher math functions. YIKES! Good for them; I’m glad one of us can help him with it! Scott volunteers helping our church with I.T. He is a great dad to these kids, and spoils me for sure. Love you Scott!

Trisha- More and more traveling and speaking for me this past year (and even more scheduled in 2017!) I usually speak out of state once a month. This was another big year, in that my second book came out last January”Your Children’s Ministry Beyond Basics”. This sequel to“Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch” (Amazon) has also been picked up as a textbook at North Central in Mpls, (my alma mater) and Valley Forge in PA. This past year, I spoke at CPC East (Chattanouga), CMConnect Conference (Louisville), Carmi Assembly of God in Illinois, the Minnesota District (AG) Twin Cities Area Children’s Pastor’s luncheon and other camps and workshops and consulting work. I am now 18 months into my Master’s program at Bethel Seminary in children’s and family ministry. I have 12 months left! I expect to graduate this coming December 2017, right before my 40th birthday. This year I also came on as a contributing editor for my favoritie magazine “KidzMatter.” It is a dream come true for me to get to write about my passion for kids and family! I am very excited for 2017, as I will be speaking at several of my favorite conferences. This spring I will be sharing at CPC (Children’s Pastor’s Conference) this year in Orlando Florida!!!, CMConnect Conference in Louisville, and the AGKidmin National Conference in Fort Wayne.One of the best parts of this year was bringing my kids along to several ministry opportunities and ministering as a family! The kids did puppetry, skits, worship leading and more. On a personal note, after a 3 year battle with Hashimotos Thyroiditis, I feel that my body is doing so much better. I have lost 22 pounds this year and I’m feeling great!

Logan- Logan is now officially a teenager. AHHHHH!  I am overjoyed at his passionate love for Jesus.  He reads his Bible every single night to his sister, and has a lot of faith when he prays. Logan still loves drawing comic books, playing with his dog Ursani, playing Minecraft, playing any and all board games (our family plays board games almost every night), and creating video games on a site called “Scratch.” He wants to design video games for a living someday. Logan was inducted in his school’s “Beta Club” honor society this fall, for academic achievement. He also surpassed 1 million words of reading for his school contest in just the first few weeks of school. He is enjoying school, especially hanging out with his friends. He is so compassionate, creative, funny and still full of energy.

Eliana- This creative fireball has straight A’s in fifth grade. She is now in an honors math class, in the top 3 percent for Math in her grade. This year, she started Clarinet in band, and loves it. For her school’s “Nutcracker” musical, she played clarinet AND the Asian dancer dall. She draws, makes crafts, and has a beautiful singing voice, and snuggling with her cat Midnight. Every day she makes us smile. She loves our family board games a lot. I am most touched by her passionate love for Jesus. She reads her Bible daily and keeps her “prayer list” on the wall of her bedroom. Many of you are on that list! She prayerfully prays for everyone EVERY night. I love the vibrant young lady she is becoming.

We loved seeing family a lot this year, and reconnecting with longtime friends. Some wonderful people are just your friends for life!

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Love you all so much.  God bless you this Christmas and all through this new year.

Love Trisha, Scott, Logan, Eliana, (Ursani, Danny and Midnight)