Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Remember the excitement of waiting for your favorite shows to come on tv, while munching your full bowl of cookie crisp? And wasn’t it awful when you had to miss a week? 

Our kids are growing up in a very different world. My kids rarely every watch tv at all. Instead, they watch YouTube. YouTube has a wide variety of shows and channels, covering any topic you can imagine (and several you shouldn’t). A recent poll of upper elementary found that a large number of kids hope to be a “YouTuber” (host of a YouTube show) someday.

YouTube Dangers

There are implicit dangers to children”channel surfing” on YouTube. For one, there are no ratings or warnings on videos to let you know which ones contain violence, cursing, nudity, graphic explanations of sexual acts etc. Clicking on a video could be taking a huge chance. Secondly, your video,tv, internet filtering software may NOT cover YouTube videos. You can purchase several censoring programs to try to protect what your kids see on TV, set parental controls, block certain internet sites etc. But if your kids are on YouTube, and most are on there a lot, your filters and parental controls are useless. 

Safeguard suggestions

What have I done? Well, our computer is in a “common space” of the house where we can easily see and hear what is being watched. Our kids know the rules: no cursing, no nudity, no sex ( my kids are 8th and 5th grade), no graphic violence. Every day, I get a report of every single site they visited and for how long. I tell them every day that I’m looking, combing through the history. If I find they were in a site with swearing, I can see exactly how long they lingered. 

So with the dangerous sites on YouTube, am I comfortable with letting my kids watch any certain channels? Yes, channels with no swearing, nudity, sex, graphic violence, witchcraft etc. Here are three of my kids favorites:

Venturian Tale- These are videos of four Christian teenagers (siblings) playing video games while bantering with each other. It is extremely clean and funny to hear the family interact.

Ssundee- A guy playing Minecraft, as well as other games. My son likes him, because apparently he is very funny. 

Dan TDM – or Daniel Middleton, is a British YouTube personality and professional gamer who goes by the handle The Diamond Minecart. His show has quite a following and is very clean.

Bonus- 7 Super Girls-This is a friend of mine’s “go to” channel for her girls, though I’ve never seen it myself.

I want to know, what channels, if any, do you let your kids watch? What safeguards do you recommend? If a parent asked for recommendations on shows what would you say?

God bless your week and happy watching! Trisha