I was honored and privileged to get a preview of Mark Harper’s brand new book  (just released on New Year’s Day, Jan 1, 2017) “The Red Book: the Life Blood of Children’s Ministry” all about the things that really matter the most in kid’s ministry- the “life blood” if you will. I so wish there had been a book like this when I was first getting into children’s ministry. Mark Harper of course, is the founder/author of the Super Church, known and used world wide.

I did not find any negatives as I read through it. It hooks you from Chapter One, and before you know it, you are half way through! But then you want to go back and reread several things. Mark Harper brings to bear his many decades of children’s ministry experience; and we get to benefit. The chapters are short enough to use as practical devotionals with your team. I love the fact that Mark pulls no punches and dives right into the tough topics we children’s leaders face, with several practical “how-to’s”. But the best part of the book, is that he brings it back around to “why we do, what we do.” He answers the question, “What is children’s ministry REALLY all about, underneath it ALL?” And his answer is “It’s about the gospel- It’s about the blood of Jesus.”

This is a must read for veterans and newcomers to children’s ministry alike. I think we all will find fresh inspiration to fuel our ministry to children, when we come back to the beauty and power of the Good News, and the Hope found only in the Jesus we know.

“The Red Book” by Mark Harper is available on Amazon, christianbook.com and more.



On another note- I hope to see several of you at CPC Orlando this coming week. I am so excited for what God will do, re-energizing ministries, hearts and lives! I’ll be tweeting live when I can. Can’t wait!! Love Trisha