Heidi Hinsley- “Never ignore the ‘warning signs’ in your life. There are always warning signs before the fall. As the saying goes, ‘the tree falls in the way it leans’, so be careful which way you lean. No one falls all at once. There warning lights WERE there; they were ignored. Who is close enough to you, in your life, to see the warning signs and be heard? If they see those warning signs, will you accept it?

The fire of your faith must be fanned. Encourage another leader to fan their flame. Take that step to fan someone else’s flame, and just watch, you’ll see others stepping up to fan your flame. Accountability and Encouragement matter.

Battles will come; crashes will come. You’re not built to battle alone. The closer you are to Jesus, the closer you will be to people. ‘I went out to find a friend, and they were nowhere. I went out to be a friend, and friends were everywhere.’

Greg Baird- 1 Cor. 9:19-23 Learn the particulars of the culture you serve and are called to. You cannot serve a people you don’t understand. The shape of your ministry should reflect the culture of your community.”

I hope you are encouraged this week! God Bless your ministry for Jesus and His kids!