Have you noticed that our elections in the U.S. have become all about personalities and not issues? I have heard it said that this vote is about who people are voting AGAINST, not what issues we are voting FOR. I propose that every American should vote, not for or against a personality, but for the issues that matter the most for our faith, our families and our future.

Our future starts with educating ourselves on the issues at hand. And I do not mean just glancing at CNN once in awhile. Like it or not, our elected officials will make decisions on several pending cases that WILL greatly affect churches, denominations, Christian schools and colleges. Yes, I believe God is Sovereign- but I also believe we need to stop jumping off of high places expecting angels to catch us before we hit the ground. We have to do our part, educate ourselves, and vote.

I have been researching the issues at stake for awhile now, and I do have to say, I am surprised at the conflicting information, or missing information out there in the media. But here are the key issues I look at when voting. Feel free to discuss, share as you wish. These are not in any order of importance.

1. School Choice-

This one is very dear to my heart. School Choice means that the parent is allowed the right to choose the school that they consider to be best for their child. This includes public schools, private schools, charter schools, Christian schools, home schooling etc. Several states offer voucher programs in support of parent school choice. In my home state of Wisconsin, Tony Evers is extremely anti school choice.

2. Abortion-

I am looking for which candidate (if any) is pro life. I avoid candidates that are for a late term abortions and partial birth abortions and using tax dollars for abortions.

3. Upholding the bill of rights-

Which candidate is more likely to protect freedom of speech, of the press, etc etc. Which will defend the Constitution as written?

4. Religious Freedom. There are many crucial lawsuits pending against churches, denominations, and Christian schools. Which candidate is more likely to align themselves with people of faith?

5. National security/terrorism-

We just had the poison powder scare at the Pentagon and in Texas. Terrorism is still alive and well around the world. Isis is being obliterated but we need to keep the pressure on! Which candidate can handle fighting to keep us safe? Which is pro law enforcement, pro military and pro veteran?

6. Taxes-

Which candidate is going to be for lowering taxes? Higher taxes stagnate the economy and hurt businesses. Our economy is on fire right now. Many families, like mine, are relieved and encouraged by the recent tax breaks. I have no desire to see the taxes go back higher again.

7. Breaking up Gridlock.

Which candidate plans to work to impeach Trump? (Polls show that the majority of the country doesn’t want that upheaval). Which will oppose anything of Trump’s, to the point that absolutely nothing gets done? Which candidate is willing to work, even across the aisle, to get things done?

8. Strength-

It is heartbreaking to say, but this is not politics as usual. This is a vicious, awful environment. Whoever I vote for must be able to stand strong against death threats, and the worst attacks imaginable. I can’t imagine what they go through. But this is a whole new environment.

So these are the 8 key reasons I MUST vote in this crucial election seasons. I am not voting for a personality. I am not voting for a perfect person. I am voting based on my conscience, a lot of prayer, and a lot of research. These 8 keys are far to crucial to ever let slide by. What keys are driving YOU this election? Did I miss any of yours? Please check out my sources below for more information. Keep educating yourself, register and get out to vote! Trisha