Yes I’m angry. More importantly, I’m motivated.

I am a wife, a mother, a doctoral candidate, an author, a life-long educator- and a proud native of the Badger State. Before 2016, I never spoke up about politics. After the disastrous Kavanaugh vote/circus, I literally walked into my local GOP office and said, “What can I do to help? I’ll make phone calls, go door to door, put up signs- What can I do?” My mother and sister are doing the same in their counties. I do not vote for a certain personality or gender, but rather for whichever candidate better represents my deeply held convictions on the issues. I am passionately pro-school choice (Wisconsin has always led the nation in charter school excellence), pro free speech, pro lower taxes, pro smaller government with more accountability, pro fiscal responsibility, pro immigration reform, pro law enforcement and veterans. The DNC has gone so far to the left- sky high taxes, radical socialism, “Impeach 45!”, doxxing- they have left families like mine far behind. Yes, I’ll be voting RED this 11/6. And at this point, I’d crawl over broken glass barefoot-Die Hard style- to do it.