Right now, I hold in my hands the brand new book Rise Up: Choosing Faith Over Fear in Christian Ministry by my friend and fellow author Vanessa Myers. What an honor to be on her blog tour this fall! What Vanessa has to say is badly needed among ministry leaders right now. I do believe that the number one reason we feel held back in our ministries is NOT lack of budget, talent or motivation. Our worst hindrance in ministry is FEAR. And I like the fact that Vanessa calls that out like it is. She points out that it is usually not “everyone” who is against us-it’s out own fear that we will be rejected or left lonely. It is not that our ministry is not wanted, we are AFRAID that it will not be wanted, or that no one will listen- or worse- that we will FAIL. My favorite part of Vanessa’s book is when she starts calling out all the excuses we use for not stepping out to do bigger things for God, the things we are really feeling called of God to do. “People will reject me” “I’m not a good enough speaker” “I’m afraid of my boss,” “I just can’t get over my hurt”etc. She shares from Scripture that our favorite Bible heroes faced fears, failures, dangers, loss, hurt, inexperience, frustration, disabilities and more- and yet God used them to do amazing things. God planned to use them all along and it is about His power, not our weakness. They had to get over their fear and step out. And so do we. What would be possible in our ministries right now if we could just get over our fear and RISE UP into all that God has planned for us? The time is here to find out. Take the time TODAY to order Vanessa’s book. Take that first step toward overcoming fear and letting God use you on a whole new level! God bless you and your ministry today and always, love Trisha Peach J